Wisbech – bespoke bungalow

Wisbech is a one-person bungalow in Cambridgeshire which has been bespokely created for an individual ADHD, Autism, learning disability and behaviour that may be described as challenging.

Working in partnership with an independent Support Provider,  TPSA were asked to purchase and renovate a bungalow.  The property needed to be in the Fenland area to enable the identified tenant to continue to attend day services and activities in the area, and also to enable her family to visit on a regular basis.

Work included renovating the existing property bespoke to the tenant’s needs. This included adapting the lounge and kitchen areas.

The tenant has very specific needs and receives 24 hour support. The transition has been complex due to the tenant moving from hospital in which she had lived for 2 years whilst being assessed. The tenant has ADHD, is on the Autism Spectrum, has severe learning disability and displays behaviour that may be described as challenging, therefore she required a self-contained property to meet her long term needs.

The tenant moved in January 2018.



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