Assistive technology – helping us build dignity into design

Assistive technology is not just about offering savings for local authorities and goes far beyond telecare systems and electric wheelchairs – with proper planning and integration at the building and renovation stages of supported living projects it can be life changing.

Property developers have a vital role in adopting creative and person-centred design ideas to improve health and wellbeing – with a focus on assistive technology.

At TPSA assistive technology is a key feature within all building and renovation work and as a result we are seeing fantastic benefits to people with a range of disabilities and health related needs. The key benefits are enhancing dignity, empowerment and independence within a safe and controlled environment.

The technology we are implementing not only provides assistance and increased independence for our vulnerable Tenants but also provides vital efficiencies for Commissioners in these austere times.

Integrated throughout structures is all the latest electronic assistive technology: “Promoting Dignity in Design”

We helped one Tenant move into a home following discharge from hospital. The property was designed bespoke to his very distinct health needs; including being fully wheelchair accessible, with an adapted kitchen and bathing area.

Oxygen ports integrated into each room allowed for a medical oxygen supply wherever he was – creating a sense of normality and moving away from a ‘clinical setting’ without the risk. “Safety in Smart Video and Phone”

One new Tenant uses a wheelchair and has support going into her home in the morning and evening only. She wanted independence during the day, but initially had concerns over being able to answer her front door quickly, as well as her personal safety and vulnerability.

In response we installed a camera which is linked to her mobile phone and an integrated door entry system.  The tenant can speak directly to anyone who comes to her door and even allow entry to her home is she chooses. This set up is perfect for her needs: giving her the security she wants whilst still being in control of her environment.