At TP Supported Accommodation we work with Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Support Providers and Tenants to develop housing solutions for individuals with social care needs. This ranges from single flat units, shared housing to larger apartment schemes.

We are currently planning new pipeline for the forthcoming years and allocating funding for 2019-20.

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All projects are funded directly with private finance in short timeframes, without grant funding and the often lengthy timeframes involved.  We work with a large number of Registered Housing Providers nationally to look after the Tenant’s housing needs on a day to day basis, allowing us to meet the local needs of people for supported housing.

We also work with Support Providers to meet the individual needs of the people they support. This could be creating a bespoke property for someone with physical disabilities; finding a property solution to meet a competitive tendering need; or building a new build property development to meet local demand.

Rents are structured so they are met by Housing Benefit – with our Team working with a range of Registered Providers and Housing Associations to ensure all of our schemes are developed specifically to meet with Local Commissioning Strategies.

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