Brickfield Cottage – Gardening Project

TP Supported Accommodation are pleased to be working with Danielle from Positive Green Spaces on our Brickfield Cottage Garden project, as you can see from the images, this garden was developed by the previous owners as a fully accessible garden with raised flowerbeds and ponds, with a accessible pathway through it all.

Naturally as the garden has not been loved for the past six months whilst the development works have been completed, we are working with Danielle to bring it back to life, as it is a haven for wildlife, from the chicken coup, to the numerous bird boxes and ponds which have been filled with frogs this spring. We are going to strip this back bare, so as to ensure that our future tenants can enjoy the garden as intended.

Danielle will be working with our partners Halo Housing and Access Community Services, in unearthing the various plants and shrubs so that they may grow for many year to come.  I will provide some updated images once the project is complete.

here’s the before pictures for starters;


If you would like to know more about this or any other projects that TPSA are currently working on please contact Richie Healy our Development Manager on 07841462246 or

or if you feel that Danielle may be in a position to support your gardening project, please see link to the Positive Green Spaces website below.