Paula Woodruff

Hi, I am Paula Woodruff and I’m a Mum and Wife and I’m a Psychology Hons graduate who has a long history in leading health and social care businesses. I founded and built one of the first supported living services in the North West of England, Paragon UK Limited. I won the coveted Institute of Directors, Young Director of the Year Award in 2008 for enterprise, entrepreneurialism, wealth creation and good corporate governance.

I have done most jobs in social care and am proud to say that I really have come to understand the positive effects that good quality accommodation, situated in the right place, close to the right people and near daily routines has on people’s well-being. From a Commissioner’s perspective we understand how to offer value for money and clear, honest partnership working.

TP Supported Accommodation (previously TP Properties LP) has been around since the mid 1990’s. We are privately funded with a long track record of providing a top quality service, to provide the right home. We pride ourselves on being person centred and make innovative use of adaptations and technology (as needed). We hold on to our stock long term, to ensure that Tenants receive stability. We link to local Housing Associations, who are local to the property and who specialise in providing good quality housing management to individuals with disabilities.

We make sure that budgets are put in place from Housing Benefit so that Tenants can be confident their rent will be paid and their property and services maintained for the long term. We quality assure all of the properties we provide to make sure the Tenant’s homes continue to meet their needs.

Tenants are supported to access the right benefits, including Housing Benefit to pay their rent, leaving other Benefits for daily living expenses. It’s a good model when done well. Therefore, there is obviously a real concern that there is a hidden housing crisis for people who are disabled:

Disabled people suffering from ‘hidden housing crisis’, warns charity

TPSA works hard to buck this trend. We are a national organisation, with properties throughout the Country and we are ready to grow. We are the largest, private, specialist supported accommodation provider in the UK. We are agile and are easy to work with.

We are a small Team but we are passionate about what we do and we love the people we meet and the effects we see.

If you have a property requirement for someone who has learning &/or physical &/or mental health needs, whether you are a Commissioner looking at Local Plans and developing capacity, or a perspective Tenant whose accommodation isn’t fit for purpose, or who is unhappy with the services provided then please give us a call:

Telephone: 01254 385845